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Welcome to Hospitality Professional Course Information.

This is a new qualification designed to transform the hospitality industry in Africa and other countries. This is evidence-based learning courses so require participants to be working in the hospitality industry. Candidates wishing to study the diploma but are not working in hospitality sector must arrange an attachment with a registered and active hospitality institution, who will be to allow the candidate to actively work to the qualification standards.

The courses are in the following Categories:

  1. Hospitality Diploma: Duration: 1 Year, Cost: $400.00 (Free for Sponsored Candidates) Click Here for more information
  2. Hospitality Graduate Diploma: Duration: Minimum 3 years, Maximum 6 Years to complete the course. Hospitality Degree and marketing Degree Holders will take this course for one-year Cost: TOA Click Here for more information
  3. Hospitality Professional Practitioner: Duration: Minimum 3 Years Maximum 6 Years active working in the hospitality industry Cost: TOA Click Here for more information
  4. Short Courses: Click Here for more information

Sponsorship from

You need to be working in the hospitality industry i.e. hotels, travels, tours, car rental, attractions centre etc. Your facility must be registered and successfully accepted on their platform travel portal then all you need is a sponsorship letter from your employer.

Each facility gets up to 3 free candidates depending on the size.

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